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Thread: Dead battery in Stingray

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    Dead battery in Stingray

    The battery went in my 2014 Stingray 4H last night, at band rehearsal.
    The sound cut out, then a continous electronic fart sound came through my amp.
    Changed the battery, which sorted it out but is this normal?
    Doesn't seem right to me.
    Any ideas folks?

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    All of mine fart when the battery packs it in. Carry on......
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    Well that's reassuring.
    Bit annoyimg at a gig I'd imagine.
    Better get a Duracell in, quick.

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    Yes, strange sound - a bit distorted.

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    Wait until it happens in a Bongo while you are playing. First time, you think the world is ending.

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    When the voltage gets too low, everything starts overdriving, kind of like the dying battery in an effects pedal. So yes, that's normal, and listening for it start to sound like that is how you know when it's time to change that battery.
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    Thanks guys, glad there's nothing wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by five7 View Post
    Wait until it happens in a Bongo while you are playing. First time, you think the world is ending.
    That happened to me when I got my new/used Bongo. Plugged it straight in to test it and it kept cutting in and out with fart sounds. Changed the batteries and exactly the same!
    Turned out a battery had leaked in there at some point and corroded the terminal.
    Quick fixed it with super glue and replaced the whole box a couple of days later.

    My advice keep a mental note of the battery used by date and depending on how much you use the bass change them every couple of years needed or not. And only use decent batteries, Duracell Dura Lock. (The ones with the blue band)
    Happy motoring !

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    Thanks Danny.
    I've owned a number of Stingrays, over the years but that's the first time a battery went on me, with the band.
    Recently acquired a Special, so will need to keep my eye on 2 batteries now.

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    If you don't have the bass (or guitar) plugged in, the batteries should last a long time. But to get cautious, replace them every N months (where N for me is six months).

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