Well I purchased a set of EB Super Slinky Roundwound Cobalts 2734 for my Stingray Classic and I must say that I am more than pleased with them. I have had various makes of strings on this Bass but I finally settled on EB Flatwound Cobalts which I love but I just wanted that extra growl so I put back on the stock Roundwound Slinkys for me to achieve that.
So after putting on the Cobalt Roundwounds I have come to the conclusion that these are the strings that make this Bass sing. They feel smooth like a Flatwound and are not as rough feeling like other brands of Roundwounds, and another major plus is that I no longer get finger noise which was a huge downside for me when using Roundwound strings.

So all in all Happy Days........I think my five string Bongo will be getting these soon!

EB Super Slinky Roundwound Cobalts 2734.........I like!-20191003_171047-jpg