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Thread: Status graphite 5 necks

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    Status graphite 5 necks

    Have a couple of rays, 20th sr5, 30th sr4. Saw the bfr sr 5 hh with blocks. Want one with stealth black look with graphite neck so im asking for opinions on the status necks. I know the namm 100 bass had one and they look well made but want peoples personal experience with them. Also want it to be single piece mahogany body so i may buy a ray 5 hh and make a new body and put the neck on.
    Have not decided yet.
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    The Status necks are top quality, just be sure to follow the guidelines about drilling them.
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    Never even seen one up close so definitely never played one but I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread.
    What are the advantages to them ? And how much does it change the tone of the bass being carbon fibre ? I can imagine they are solid with no or not much room adjustment

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    I decided to buy one. Lets see how long till I Find a donor body to get electronics and bridge out of. Tuners for these and my anniversary rays are schallers?

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    I have a Status fretless neck that I put on a USA SUB Ray.
    The neck is very stable and it has made the tone of the bass more focussed -definitely and improvement.
    Just be careful and take your time when you drill the holes for the neck -which is not that difficult.

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