I was daydreaming today and brainstorming about what I would love to see if they ever decided to bring the Caprice back. Here are some ideas I've been pondering :-)

1. Reverse the position of the neck pickup. Bringing the bass side closer to the bridge would tighten up the bottom end response.
2. Incorporate a buffer preamp while maintaining the traditional tone control. This would give traditional players the benefits of a buffer preamp(no treble loss over long cable runs and no loading between the pickups) while maintaining a more traditional tone circuit(tone knob).
3. Incorporate a volume/pan/tone layout. I think this works better for on the fly adjustments than having to fiddle with two volume knobs.
4. Redesign the modern classic bridge to have a mute kit. I love the lightweight design of the new Modern Classic Bridge...but just wish their was a way we could get a mute kit on it.

I totally took ideas #1 & #2 from Chris May of Overwater basses :-P
#1"Passive Vs Active Basses" - In Conversation with Master Luthier Chris May of Overwater basses - YouTube
#2 In Conversation with Chris May + Prototype P Bass /// Scott's Bass Lessons - YouTube

All that being said...it is new bass day and I love my new Caprice! I had a black Caprice before and had to sell it because it was a bit too neck heavy to me. That was the ONLY issue I had with it...loved everything else. This model has no neck dive...so I am truly over the moon!