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Thread: Brainstorming ideas about a future Caprice Bass

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    Brainstorming ideas about a future Caprice Bass

    I was daydreaming today and brainstorming about what I would love to see if they ever decided to bring the Caprice back. Here are some ideas I've been pondering :-)

    1. Reverse the position of the neck pickup. Bringing the bass side closer to the bridge would tighten up the bottom end response.
    2. Incorporate a buffer preamp while maintaining the traditional tone control. This would give traditional players the benefits of a buffer preamp(no treble loss over long cable runs and no loading between the pickups) while maintaining a more traditional tone circuit(tone knob).
    3. Incorporate a volume/pan/tone layout. I think this works better for on the fly adjustments than having to fiddle with two volume knobs.
    4. Redesign the modern classic bridge to have a mute kit. I love the lightweight design of the new Modern Classic Bridge...but just wish their was a way we could get a mute kit on it.

    I totally took ideas #1 & #2 from Chris May of Overwater basses :-P
    #1"Passive Vs Active Basses" - In Conversation with Master Luthier Chris May of Overwater basses - YouTube
    #2 In Conversation with Chris May + Prototype P Bass /// Scott's Bass Lessons - YouTube

    All that being is new bass day and I love my new Caprice! I had a black Caprice before and had to sell it because it was a bit too neck heavy to me. That was the ONLY issue I had with it...loved everything else. This model has no neck I am truly over the moon!

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    And perhaps give it a modern 11" fretboard radius, like the current Stingray Special. Oh and roasted neck :-)

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    I'd also add a little bit more output to those pickups.
    I love Red Paint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrMatthewCross View Post
    I'd also add a little bit more output to those pickups.
    I agree with you Dr. Cross. I'd love the output on the Caprice's neck pickup to be just as powerful and cutting as the neck pickup on the Cutlass Bass. That Cutlass pickup will cut through anything! :-)

    Admittedly, I'm a bit of a late convert to the active game. All the times Big Poppa praised it's advantages I really should of listened :-P. It really hit home when I started running my Caprice through the a buffered tuner...everything just started sounded cleaner, crisper, and brighter. It sounded like a much more authentic representation of what was going on with the bass than running it passive and dealing with treble bleed off due to high capacitance pickups with no buffering.

    So yea, I'm totally onboard with an active buffer. For me, desiring a single tone knob with an active buffer is more of a psychological thing. If there are bass, mid, and treble knobs I'm just going to be tempted to fiddle with them endlessly instead of focusing on my technique to get the sound I want. In that way, the traditional passive setup forces me to focus on my technique. So combining the active buffer with a single tone knob is truly the best of both worlds for me. :-)
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    I used a Barber Linden for a while because of that, and the bass always sounded fantastic.
    I love Red Paint.

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