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Thread: Caprice Intonation Issue: Bad String

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    Caprice Intonation Issue: Bad String

    Good Day Folks,

    I got every string intonated correctly at the 12th fret except for the A string. It is still registering as flat and I've run out of adjustment range. It appears I need the screw to be longer. I've set my neck for minimum relief. A business card will slide under the 7th fret(while 1st fret is capoed and fretting the last fret) with a small amount of friction but not enough to move the string. The is truly a puzzle! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    -Greg P
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    All I can think of is: Bad "A" string? Are you retuning to pitch between each and every intonation adjustment? Do you have a good witness point (contact of string over saddle) by pushing down on string each side of saddle?

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    Cross reference on your tuner with fretted notes at the 3-5-7 frets. You might find it’s ok. I generally only use the 12th fret as a rough reference and work backwards when setting intonation

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    Thanks guys, it was just a bad a string like you said. :-)
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    Many years ago I learned that setting intonation using the octave (12th fret) is not the most accurate way. I read an article in Guitar Player magazine written by a guy who worked as a tech and designer at a well known maker of guitars and basses and he suggested using the 19th fret. You will find that the intonation is much more accurate using the 19th fret. Chords and double stops will be wonderfully in tune.

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