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Thread: Stingray 5 Neck Through

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    Stingray 5 Neck Through

    Regards from Australia.

    I just rejoined this forum after a prolonged absence (TBH I couldn't even remember my former username so have started afresh).

    I've owned a few EB basses over the years, the only one currently in service is a 2010 Classic 4 string Stingray.

    Anyway, I've been tempted by a 5 string Stingray again, this time it's a through neck. I didn't even know these had been made, and understand these are out of production now. And the one I'm looking at is at a really good price. Unfortunately I can't get to play before purchase, but it's a reputable seller.

    Would I notice much difference between this and the bolt on version? My previous SR5s were made around 2003 and 2005 respectively. I am really tempted by this one because it's so cool, at about the price of a regular used bolt on SR5.

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    Only ever tried one at a show so no real experience but my first impression of it was, it wasn’t for me. it just didn’t feel right, painted back of the neck, pretty light though. Personally I didn’t like it but I have heard good things about them.
    It’s definitely one of them that you need to try before you buy
    Good luck with what ever you decide

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    The preamp on the NT (neck-through) version is voiced slightly differently from the BO (bolt-on). I like mine NT 5 H. The only complaint I have is the differences in tone when using the selector switch are a lot less subtle than on a previously owned BO. I keep the switch toward the bridge 99% of the time so it doesn't bother me but is worth noting.

    Your older SR5's I believe had ceramic pickups. The NT's are alnico.

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    I have a 2012 SR5H. I honestly never noticed a huge difference when using the selector switch either. It seemed like there was just a bit more meat in series mode, but that was about it. My 2007 SR5HS has a much more varied sound, not just because of the Single coil either.
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    Neck through basses scare me. A lot.
    I love Red Paint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrMatthewCross View Post
    Neck through basses scare me. A lot.
    Me too. Too much liability, all for
    something nobody actually hears
    during a performance.
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    The Pre's are really different? Has this been confirmed? I found a stealth neckthru HH after quite a bit of looking for a stealth H neckthru and the neck feels thicker. Does it to anyone else?

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