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Thread: My gloss black Bongo 6

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    My gloss black Bongo 6

    Played a rather high profile show last night. We've been rehearsing for some time and I was using one of my "other brand" 5's and was happy with the tone I was getting. At the last minute I decided the Bongo was asking to go to the gig.

    I played it through a pair of Aguilar GS112's powered by an Aguilar AG 700. The tone was to die for. People that don't notice bass tone (my girlfriend is one of those) told me the bass sounded fantastic. Of course it played great and looked wonderful in that Bongo sort of way.

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    I hear what you are saying. I only own one non EBMM and to be fair it sounds great for a short while. Jump from that straight to my Bongo and the difference is amazing!

    Glad you had a good gig. If you have photos of stage shots, put one up in the thread I started!

    Stage Shots. Show off you EBMM’s in Action

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    I have a LavaPearl Bongo5 HH and a special order Candy Apple Red Bongo4 H with an all rosewood neck ( OMG! ) used them both on a gig last night fantabulous is what I would call it. I do play other basses but I am beginning to question that, there may be a fire sale coming up! Except for my White USA Sterling5 HH all maple neck it ain't goin nowhere.
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