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Thread: No Classics in stock anywhere

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    Unhappy No Classics in stock anywhere

    I've been to three Guitar Centers and two Sam Ashes in the NYC/Long Island area and not one has a Stingray Classic 4h in stock. Nothing but Stingray Specials as far as the eye can see, with a few Old Smoothies. Is Classic such an exotic item? Sure, I can find Classics online, but I want to try before I buy (or pay). What gives?

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    Did you try asking the people at Sam Ash and Guitar center? They are the ones that order items to keep in stock.
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    I've had the exact opposite experience, in Italy. I was looking for a Special last summer and always found Classics or Old Smoothies.
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    I did ask. At GC you have to pay for it in full first, then they order it. They say you have 45 days to return it for a full refund, but I’d probably make my decision right then at the store after playing a bit. Seems low/no risk, but I’d rather not lay out 2k+ for something I’m not certain I’m going to want.

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    I own a Classic and I didn't try it, I just purchased it online in the knowledge that it would have been made to the highest standards that EB Guitars and Basses are known for. I would just buy it and believe me you will not be disappointed with it as they are the best sounding Stingray that is currently still in production and that includes the new Specials.I believe that it is only Pre EB Stingrays that can top the tone of a Classic.

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    Thank you, Karl. I may indeed roll the dice with GC. Gonna go there tomorrow.

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    My EBMM 'Rays have always been ordered. Never a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rod Trussbroken View Post
    My EBMM 'Rays have always been ordered. Never a problem.
    Yep, that's my approach.

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    I picked up my classic in a store called "starving musicians" in Berkeley, California.

    It was in consignment and looked in not amazing shape. I made a cheap offer and couldnt believe it was accepted. The action was all messed up. Strings sucked. It was dirty and the neck kind of gross. But I looked underneath the filth and saw what an amazing instrument it was. So I bought it, spent a couple days cleaning it up and setting it up and it's still my second favorite stingray tone cream anniversary 5 string is still my favorite tone.

    Order one and you will love it. Here, I found you a new or returned one! Your choice. I love this store because you can pay over time, get it right the hell now, and not put it on credit. And, return it if you dont like it.

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    Thanks, all. I may go ahead with an online purchase. After all, I had good luck with my Ric that I got online.

    Good group here—I appreciate the help.

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