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Thread: Caprice vs Cutlass (neck pickup comparison)

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    Caprice vs Cutlass (neck pickup comparison)

    let me say at first that I started playing bass around 3 years ago. I bought a P bass and played it exclusively for 2 years before starting to try different things.
    Along the road I realized I'm more of a Jazz guy, so I bought both a Caprice and a Fender Jazz. To be honest, I prefer the Jazz for a number of reasons, but I still use the Caprice as a P bass, basically (soloed neck pickup and flats). I do prefer its neck profile and weight over a classic P, but I'm thinking about trying a Cutlass.
    Would it be more "appropriate" for the use I'm thinking?
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    I've had the pleasure of owning both the Cutlass and the Caprice. To my ear, the Caprice's neck pickup has a warmer tonality to it. It sounds a little more "laid" back in the upper mids as compared to the split in the Cutlass. However, the output on the Caprice's neck pickup is also lower than the split on the Cutlass. So if you want a warmer laid back tone...I'd say the Caprice is your bass.

    The Cutlass's split has really strong output with a very present mid range focus. To my ears, it sounds like the pickup accentuates the upper midrange. My Cutlass had a maple board and its clarity was simply phenomenal. So if you want something with powerful output and serious cut...the Cutlass is right up your alley. :-)

    Hope This Helps,
    -Greg P

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    I love Red Paint.

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