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Thread: Troubleshooting sr5

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    Troubleshooting sr5

    I have a 98 stingray 5, that compares to the 92 I just picked up, has about half the volume and punch of the 92. Could someone walk me through the process of multi testing the pickup/pre/jack please? I think I saw a thread on it but can’t find it now..

    Many thanks!
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    92 and 98
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    Hello mistahbenn,

    Testing Pickup
    Desolder from circuit board and switch
    Test DC resistance with multimeter set to ohm, probe the leads coming off each coil.
    Models with 2 leads have 1 hot, 1 ground
    Models with 3 leads 1 ground, 2 hot (1 hot lead for each coil)
    Models with 4 leads have a hot and ground for each coil
    The reading should be 4k Ohms per coil, in parallel the combined value will be 2k Ohms, some pickups will read as high as 8k per coil

    Output Jack
    Four conductors; ground, hot for audio, 2 terminals for power supply-one from battery, one goes to board
    To test: use the continuity beep on your multimeter With cable unplugged, no terminal should connect to another.(i.e, with one probe on the ground terminal, touching any other terminal will not cause the meter to beep). With a cable plugged in, the only 2 terminals that should register a beep on the meter are the ones for the power supply. If any other connections register a beep there is a short somewhere in the jack.

    Preamps are not easy to test without a pink noise generator, in which case the level should be 50-100mV to the input of the preamp to simulate signal from the pickups, and monitoring the output via an audio amplifier or FFT analyzer.

    if you have further questions please email,
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