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Thread: Best Amp/Cab for my Stingrays?

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    Well, I'm started with that. But at this moment very disappointed. The ampeg cab gives a lot of frequenties that 'are' in the room. A kind of thickness. But could not yet record 'this feeling'. Maybe its even impossible to record this. I've use 2 mic's. One very close to the cabinet. And one condens mic for the room. But I'm 'still haven't found what I'm looking for' like Bono would say :-)

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    Any advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by baske View Post
    Any advice?
    Ooooh, dangerous ground here...
    But, ok, here are the things I might do.

    A really good DI (I use the DI in my DB750), paired with a two mic setup, one bass (kick) dum mic and one normal dynamic. I'd use Sennheiser e902 and Shure SM57 (or Beta57). And here is my "trick" if you will: First I place the 57 so that the bass sounds it's best (closed headphone listening is good), and I don't really care about mic distance, just the sound of that mic making me as happy as possible. Then I place the 902 a bit off center to a bass cone, very close, to capture more low end.
    Then I record, and afterwards I shift the SM57 track in my DAW to align perfectly with the 902 and the DI.
    Oh, and I always use compression when recording, a Cali76-Tx to be exact. I know some people don't like recordning wet, but after i got the advice (from Craig Young no less) I got confident that i didn't do anything wrong, and i haven't looked back since. I think Craig said "Compression is a big part of my sound", and well he knows his stuff

    But honestly, I record mostly usning just the DI on the Cali76 then through Overloud TH-U with an Aguilar DB750 sound
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