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Thread: Does The Sound Change Through The Years?

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    Does The Sound Change Through The Years?

    I have recently bought a SR5 HH. He is in new condition but made in 2010
    When I compare the sound to my Ltd2008 H, its a completely other sound
    Yes the typical Stingray sound is there. But its much more a 'thinner', 'sharper' sound
    My Ltd 2008 has a big thick sound.
    My question is: will the sound change through the years I play my last one?
    Or is it because the Ltd2008 is a limited edition with an other (better) wood?
    Or... will the years make the sound 'bigger'?

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    Stingrays used to have Ceramic pickups. In March of 2008 they were changed to be Alnico pickups.

    If your 2008 was produced at the beginning of the year it would have ceramic pickups and your 2010 would have alnico pickups.

    This would explain the difference.

    Use the serial number database to get information on your 2008 and when it was produced

    Serial Number Database | Ernie Ball Music Man

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    Manufactured May 28th, 2008. So both Alnico.
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    Maybe the vibrations who are making the sound different through the years?

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