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Thread: The Influence Of Strings OnTone !

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    The Influence Of Strings OnTone !

    Hi guys!! I bought a 2nd Stingray a few months ago. It is the HH version now. And never found "the" sound. When I wend away from the bridge PU, everything sounded 'nasal'. Than I changed my strings with Elixir Nickel plated (14202). Nothing was better than my Slinky's (nickel). Now I put the Elixir Stainless steel on the HH. Man that's the sound I was after. I found out that Nickel has a 'nasal' sound in it. Stainless has not that 'problem'. Much more open sound and 'the nasal issue' is gone. Surely must try out this strings. Even a much smoother feeling and it's like there is less 'tension' on the strings.
    It were the Elixir SS 14777 (5 strings). And they stay 'bright' and 'new' for a while (I hope)

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    Not a fan of stainless steel myself, they always sound scooped. What sounds "nasal" to you, sounds like it has mids to me, and sounds less sterile and scooped to me. That said, I don't personally like the HH Stingrays, single H all the way for me.

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    I use stainless steel coated stings of the same brand. I came across them purely by accident and won’t use anything else now.
    The coating takes the harshness off them usually associated with regular steels in both sound and touch.
    In short they sound like brand new nickels constantly and last a long while. I’ve got them on all my basses.

    Now if only EB would look into making coated stainless steel strings. I will keep dropping hints ! Like this

    StingRay 4HH. SapphireBlack.2006
    StingRay 4H. Buttercreme. 2005.LE
    StingRay 4H. ”SunBlue”. 2005
    Bongo 4H. Sapphire Black. 2005
    Bongo 5HH. Firemist Purple. 2019
    GENZ-BENZ & ORANGE amps...


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