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    Saying hello from Manchester in the U.K.!
    I’ve owned several MM basses over the years
    Currently have a Caprice and a Sterling!
    Sterling is from 1999 and is currently stripped and being prepped for paint as it’s original Paint was getting rough!
    Caprice is possibly one of the nicest playing and sounding basses I’ve ever owned. Currently having a dilemma over flats vs round wound!


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    Howdy, and welcome.

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    Hellos !
    Flats Vs Rounds ......
    I’ve flirted with flats a few times and never really got on with them. I use round steels so I’m staying in that corner

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    Hello Tony. I love flats and rounds. Itís great to have both.

    Flat wounds make me feel sexy. The way they feel, they way they make me play, and the way the bass sounds.

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    It’s still got round wounds on it and sounds great!

    I’m getting on with the refinish on my sterling, it’s at sanding stage, which won’t take long
    Still deciding on colour!


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    Cobalt rounds. Your bass will explode with sound!

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    It’s got rounds on it now, a set that came with it
    Don’t know what they are but sound fine, will invest in cobalts in next few weeks

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    Hi and welcome
    I always have at least one bass with flats, and I blame Bovinehost for that. Honestly I think flats record great going direct.
    bovinehost: Yes, I do agree with that, but if there's nothing wrong then there's nothing wrong.
    Beth: I would compare Bongo to Tommy Lee Jones. Bad a$$ and just hot in a weird way...
    cheezewiz: They should take their lace thongs off and play bass.

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    Welcome Tony!

    Flats vs rounds... as much as I like the feel of flats, I prefer the sound of old (worn) nickel rounds; just enough zing with lots of soft bottom

    These days there are so many different flavors of flats, there's sure to be a set or two you will like. I'd probably go with flats on the Caprice and rounds on the Sterling... or add a second Sterling and have one with flats & one with rounds

    Don't forget to post required photos of the re-fin project

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    Quote Originally Posted by strummer View Post
    Hi and welcome
    I always have at least one bass with flats, and I blame Bovinehost for that. Honestly I think flats record great going direct.
    Guilty as charged.

    Thing is, with the Cobalt Flats, you still can get the full harmonic experience if you want a bit of zing.

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