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Thread: Stingray Special wiring question

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    Stingray Special wiring question

    I have a new Stingray Special coming next week I can't wait to get my hands on. That said, I'm also an insufferable tinkerer and was thinking about ways I could do somethings like switch between series and parallel or just split the coil.

    Does anyone know if the 4 string model comes with a 4 wire pickup? I sent an email to to EBMM but haven't gotten a response yet.

    Just being anxious and trying to occupy myself while I wait for new toys to arrive

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    Might be possible, but you also might need to ditch the electronics. From what I see in that link, it looks like the preamp module is the same for various models, however I don't know if you would be able to adapt the SR4 wiring to be like the SR5 wiring.
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