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Thread: I need a new Bridge..

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    I need a new Bridge..

    Hello. I've got an issue, and I'm after a solution.

    I've got my beloved Sting ray 5 from about 1990. I'm played this thing exclusively for 30 years. So that's roughly 1500 full on, sweaty gigs and it's never let down - Hell of a guitar.

    Last service, my tech had a look underneath the bridge and discovered it's significantly rusted underneath. Some of the pots aren't that great either.

    The bad news is bridge will need to be replaced. He's asked MM/EB regarding a new one, and the response was they don't do new bridges.

    Any thoughts on a replacement?

    Cheers RobP

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    Hi and sorry to hear about your bridge, it sounds like it’s seen some action!
    Have you tried emailing customer service directly? They will be able to set you straight one way or the other regarding getting a replacement. Failing that keep your eye on eBay or other selling sites. Parts do occasionally come up for sale used.

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    I have heard of them exchanging bridges, and you need to send back the old one. That said, I don't know if changes were made to the bridge between 1990 and when they changed the bridge a year or so ago. It may also be that they no longer have any of the bridge design that they used in 1990.

    However, I would assume that is the same bridge they use on the Bongo and Sterling 5 currently. So yeah, definitely contact customer service and see if they can do a bridge swap.
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    Back in 1990 the serial was located on the bridge and not the neck plate. I don't know if EB would allocate a new serial number to an instrument so far back or whether they'd do that at all?

    Customer Service is: Here
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    I hope that EBMM can sell you a new bridge, so like others have suggested check with them first.
    But maybe that won't be possible. In that case, and in light of the Specials that have a bridge without anchors, I would suggest the Hipshot Vintage brisge. Pretty close looking, and well built.
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    Would a bridge from a SBMM Ray 25 work. I bought the bass for 365 used.

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    The purists may disagree but look into a hi-mass bridge (Hipshot, etc). You'll find it to be a huge upgrade from which sustain is undeniably solid. In many bridge swaps to a hi-mass, the replacement bridge may significantly raise the action. A proper setup will resolve the height issue. You will feel like you have a totally new and better bass. (The old screw holes can be plugged and touched up to make them largely unnoticeable.
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