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Thread: Is there any Ernie ball strings for violin?

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    Is there any Ernie ball strings for violin?

    Hello guys. The reason why I asked that is because of this video.

    VASS SONG (I Challenge Davie504)

    Somehow it offends my bassist spirit but I am not 100% sure if this is real or not.

    1st. The strings are tuned lower yet it doesn't have the right pressure to my a slap sound.
    2nd. If this is real, then is it possible that he used an electric guitar string? I know Ernie Balls has the loudest crunch for electric gutiars and bass. (or do they have strings for violin?)

    I'm so confused on how to achieve this. I am planning to make a video like this as well if ever I got the answers.

    Credits to uploader Gai Tadasu

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    don't get offended.

    first of all this is possible. I saw a post on other bass sites about this person named Gai.
    you should see the other video as well.
    this is a some like a raw version of his bass violin song. it is defenitely real but it's not played live on the video.
    but in this video here, you can see how see managed the fret to find notes.

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    Despite the horrible lighting, its clearly intended to promote the Kala U-Bass ... which has, FYI in case you been living under a rock, an 18 scale and is in the double bass octaves. Available with or without speed bumps, with steel strings or silicone rubber noodles, with fully acoustic or solid slab body.
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    SR4HH FL [Moses neck]
    SL4p FL [x2] - SL4HS FL
    SL4HS FL [Moses neck]
    SR5HS alnico - SR5p FL [x2]
    Bongo4Hp FL [x2]

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