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Thread: Disconnecting H bucker to Single coil (HH to HS)

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    Disconnecting H bucker to Single coil (HH to HS)

    I have a SR5 HH. And now I wanne disconnecting one wire on the selector switch so that the pickup (closest to the bridge) is out of running. So I should have a kind of HS.
    Should I solder the place where the (black) wire was on the selector to the 'earth'?
    Or will I have 'earth' problems?
    Any Idea?

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    Your bass will no longer be hum cancelling in all positions, and probably will now have hum in most. You will not really end up with an "HS" stingray, you'll end up with an HH stingray with hum and weak output in some settings.
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    I have tried it yesterday. In my ears it sounds better than before. The second position is even stronger than before. The sound is more balanced in my ears. And the 5th position is more present. No more mid bump. Even the volume and mid bump between the 1 and 3 position is gone. These are the 2 positions i prefer. Now its a reason to hold my bass. Sounds amazing in my ears. Buts thats personal i think. There was only a earth problem. But now its solved. I put a wire between the earth and the 5 position switch. Could not be happier :-)
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    Did it. Love it.
    Here’s the demo:

    Music Man Stingray Special 5 HH - MOD Demo - YouTube

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    @ Pertyman, You inspired me ;-)

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