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Thread: 30" Short Scale Stingrays

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    30" Short Scale Stingrays

    Curious if anyone's played / bought one of these yet...? Would like to hear some feedback about them.
    I recently started playing bass again after a long time being burnt out, and trying (and failing...) to improve on guitar.
    Plus I'm getting older and having more issues with my hands. I've found it more difficult and uncomfortable to play my old full scale basses than it used to be, so I started looking at options.
    Anyway, I just picked up an 'affordable' 32" bass and am really enjoying it! It's way more balanced, lighter and easier on my hands. I can tell a bit of difference in the voicing/tone due to the scale length... It's not bad, just different.
    So that's got me wondering about the 30" scale, as far as the sound...???
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    Used to have a flock of many verrrry various 30s. Now down to one. They can be excellent. Encountered an occasional dud but that can happen with long scale as well. The odds are favorable, so I’d not hesitate to go with EBMM if I ever need a shorty again.
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    I just got the SBMM version and it’s a beauty minus badly needing a bridge setup and a headstock blemish. I can only imagine the USA ebmm version is a beast.

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    I was looking hard at the Sterling version. There are a few rather convincing video reviews on youtube.
    But sadly, I've heard and read too many reports that the QC coming out of SBMM lately isn't what it used to be... Kind of like what you just mentioned, AjCalderon
    That's why I bought something else.
    I'd be interested in a future review of yours, AJ....
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