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Thread: Would A Musicman Stingray Bass Head Get Bent Forward?

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    Your headstock is not bent. Your headstock in that photo shows a neck and headstock exactly as designed. If your getting bent on this and its really bugging you, you're never going to be convinced that its correct no matter what anyone tells you.

    I'd worry more about playing than looking at a headstock. But if it's that aggregious to you, get a bass where the headstock is designed and bent backwards and you will be ok. Get a bass without a headstock and you will be fine.

    One of these days your going to notice that the neck on your bass isn't straight either....and that's normal, and if your having issues with this, your gonna lose your mind when you notice that.....

    Play, stop worrying about a headstock that's set up and looks like it's designed to.....


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    thanks, but it really bends.
    you see from the pics but i have it in my hands, i cannot get it wrong

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    I looked really hard at the pics. I don't see any bending. Guitar headstock break as earlier posters said.

    2 options.

    1. If its bothering you this much, no matter what you do, you will always see the bend. Its in your head now and your convinced of it. Sell the bass because your always gonna be bugged by this.

    2. Send the bass to EBMM and have them check it out. If its messed up, they can put a new neck on it. I'd send it there before having a guy steam the neck. They are the experts on their instruments.

    If they send it back with a clean bill of health, are you really gonna be satisfied?

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