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Thread: Where did the lefty Specials go?

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    Where did the lefty Specials go?

    I've been visiting the Vault a bit recently, planning an upcoming purchase of a left-handed Stingray Special. For a few months there were several examples available of both H and HH models, in Black or Burnt Amber. Now there are none.

    I can't believe they've all suddenly sold. Does anyone know what's become of them and whether they will be available again?
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    I hope they'll become available in their regular catalogue. Ideally with the SLO-option and please be an international release. Love browsing through the vault, but at the moment it's a USA-exclusive vault... A light(er)weight lefty 2EQ or even the new Stingray Special, but with the smaller nut width would be my grail bass..., but I'd probably jump on a 'normal' Stingray Special lefty as well.
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    Some have turned up at Sweetwater: Left-handed Bass Guitars | Sweetwater

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    I'd get one if only they were available in Europe.

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