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Thread: NBD: Finally found my 'Pino' bass!

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    NBD: Finally found my 'Pino' bass!

    I've been looking for a great fretless Stingray for years and I finally found one today for the right price! They seem to be quite rare in the Netherlands for some reason..

    Born on March 26th, 1992. I'm really happy, it's a beauty!

    NBD: Finally found my 'Pino' bass!-stingray1-jpg
    NBD: Finally found my 'Pino' bass!-stingray2-jpg

    BUT: The bass currently has flatwounds on it and I don't like the sound at all. I'm really looking for that '80s Pino sound. Does anyone know what strings he used on all those hits? I'm pretty sure they must've been roundwounds. Thanks guys!

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    That’s a beauty! Nothing a quick change of strings won’t fix.
    Not sure what Pino uses but I’m guessing he uses rounds for the tone he gets.

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    Nice find, congratulations!

    If you are looking for the famous sound when he recorded with Paul Young, you might want to check this clip:

    Additional info can be found on this Gear Rundown page, but given the look (red silk wrapping towards the machine heads) I'd wager he has used the Thomastik JF 344 flats.

    I have these strings on one dedicated bass and they are a bit special as they seem to vibrate (and sustain) more like a good roundwound string. Or like a string for classical bowed instruments - this is where Thomastik are most at home, after all. They want to ring out rather than producing a percussive "Thud" and then die.

    That said, he used a lot of different instruments, amp, pedals and strings. He always made he sound work for the job at hand.
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    I don't know what he used back in the day, but his signature P comes with standard with TI flats.

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    I use EB cobalt flat wounds on my fretless Stingray - they give a sound more towards a round wound without scuffing up the fretboard (got Thomastik flats on my Stingray Classic).

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