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Thread: Hipshot Extender model for SRS

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    Hipshot Extender model for SRS

    In case you were wondering which Hipshot model to get, it's the B13. EBMM must have worked with Hipshot directly because they are branded and don't require any drilling or mods. Aligned the pins, tightened the nut, and was ready to go. Wish it didn't cover up the bear so much but I'm pretty happy with it.

    At first I thought there was something wrong because it would always come back up to E a little sharp each time. I looked it up and it's pretty common. The solution is to leave E a little flat when you first tune up. Drop to D then back up to E and it's all good. I would retune each time which just made it go sharp again the next time. Only took a minute to get the hang of it.

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    Nice looking grain in headstock.

    Had a hipshot once. Couldn’t get on with. Old style. But people do use them and get on great with them. A trick I heard was to keep them lubricated, especially the end of the thumb screw
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    That's sweet!
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    It’s very neat compared to the one you need for the older Stingrays. Shame it covers the bear though!

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