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Thread: Date My Early EBMM bass (28842)

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    Date My Early EBMM bass (28842)

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and look forward to learning about Music Man basses and guitars on this forum. My first EBMM instrument is a wonderful 2eq fretless 4 string from around 1990 (maybe a bit earlier). Unfortunately the database doesn't include early serial numbers so I'm hoping to discover a little about the bass here. The serial number is as follows:


    It would be great to find out more about this instrument. It's probably described as honey-burst and the body is made from a single piece of ash or swamp ash with fantastic grain plus a see through scratch-plate that shows off the grain more completely. Fingerboard is Pau Ferro. Any info much appreciated.


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    Welcome to the Forum.

    Your Bass is on the database:

    Serial # 028842
    Manufactured August 8th, 1989

    The "Sunburst" finish back then was like a honey burst and today it is now named "Honeyburst".

    Your finish is obviously different to the "Vintage Sunburst" which is the traditional Yellow, Red and outer Black finish.

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    Hi Gav, Thank you so much for the information. It's great to find out more about my wonderful bass, it's the one instrument I will never be able to sell - I also have a more modern 4 string fretted EBMM from early 2000 - it has a 3 band EQ and massive output but doesn't sound as good as the 89 fretless model.

    I've looked far and wide for a 5 string equivalent to my 89 (now I know the date) 4 string fretless to no avail until recently when I managed to acquire one of the 70 short run BFR 5 string fretless models - baked maple neck (I prefer Pau Ferro, Rosewood or Ebony but all Maple can be fun too). I had to sell a 78 Strat that really played well and a Carvin LB75 fretless to fund it but no regrets there!

    Finally, would it be possible for you to direct me to the database you refer to?



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    It's a stickied thread in this forum and the guitar forum:

    Serial Number Search Tool
    2007 Stingray 5 HS Cherry Burst / Maple FB / 3 Band EQ / Ceramic Pickups
    2012 Stingray 5 H Pearl Blue / Rosewood FB / 3 Band EQ/ AlNiCo Pickup
    2012 Steve Morse Morse Blueburst / Rosewood FB
    2012 Luke III SSH Vintage Sunburst / Rosewood Neck

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    Gavin knows all. Thus it has always been.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bovinehost View Post
    Gavin knows all. Thus it has always been.
    I make it up

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