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Thread: Excessive fret buzz on B string

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    Excessive fret buzz on B string

    Hello everyone.
    I own a MM Stingray 5 from 2018 (a HH configuration) and I face since day one a problem of excessive fret buzz, especially the low B string.
    I already showed my bass to a luthier who corrected the fret work which wasn't that perfect in the first place.
    I set up my instrument myself. I've checked the neck relief, and it's ok. My action is:

    G: around 2mm
    D: Also 2mm
    A: 2.25mm
    E (that's where it begins to buzz), I have to raise the string to 2.75 to get rid of most of buzz (but not completely)
    And the real problem, the B string: it's already at 3mm and it buzz like crazy on frets 3 to...well till the end of the neck but especially on fret 6, 7, 8, 9.
    The buzz actually happens when I let the string ring out. If I play really short notes, there is no buzz.

    I really don't know what to do since, to me, the action is already high and it doesn't seem to go away even if I raise the B string higher.

    Can you give me some advices?

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    Could be the magnetic pull from the H pickup near the neck.
    Try to lower the pickup (don't overthighten the screws).
    We had an similar thread lately:
    BFR Fretbuzz Issues
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    I’ll second pickup height especially on a HH model. If took me a while to figure mine out.
    I was getting a buzz but only in certain spots. I’m guessing other forces are at play but lowering the neck pickup really helps

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    How are you playing the strings? I have found that some people tend to play the B string differently, and if you make it oscillate in a more up/down directly, you will get more buzz. In general, it is going to get more buzz than the other strings just due to the size. It also has a lot more surface area, so it's easier to pluck it really hard.
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    Ok, I first tried to lower the neck pickup but it didn't change anything. I even lowered it a lot and there's no buzz change on the bass.

    I use a 45 - 130 string set.
    The thing is, I own another 5 string bass (not a MM stingray) and I can pluck the 5th string as hard as I want it doesn't produce any buzz at all.
    On the stingray, I'm now used to play (with my finger) the E and B string softer cause I know it will produce an horrible sound... That's really really sad.
    I can't even set the B string the height the FAQ recommand, it's already higher and it doesn't seem to stop even at higher height.

    As I said before, I brought the bass to a guitar tech who made a complete fret leveling already and he told me 2 things:

    - it seems that this bass cannot be played at low action
    - The buzz is probably a cause of the stainless steel frets.

    I really don't know what to do cause since I now own another 5 string bass, there is a world of difference between the 2 (and the stingray is by far the most expensive...)

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    Seems like twisted strings to me. Sometimes you can undo that but sometimes you hafta replace them.
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