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Thread: John Myung signature in France!

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    Red face John Myung signature in France!

    First sorry for my bad english as i'm french...

    After months of looking for a way to get this US exclusive bass, i finaly found one on Reverb!

    This bass is just pur pleasure to play: very light and slim for a 6 string, awesome fretboard, the fingers adapt themeselves very fast to this new string density, i love this fat and big sound, and each sound is realy sublimate.

    i made some pictures and a fast review for the french Dream Theater fan club that you can find here:
    Basse Bongo Signature John Myung par Romain Collet

    I have also a quick question if someone know: is the fretboard vernished?

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    Hi Romain
    What a great catch, congrats on the Bass!
    Regarding the fretboard, my guess is no, not varnished. Afaik there hasn't been any varnished dark fretboards from Musicman ever, and part of the fretboard is rosewood. Also the treble side is roasted maple, same as the neck wood, and since the neck is oil/waxed, I guess the fretboard has the same finish.
    bovinehost: Yes, I do agree with that, but if there's nothing wrong then there's nothing wrong.
    Beth: I would compare Bongo to Tommy Lee Jones. Bad a$$ and just hot in a weird way...
    cheezewiz: They should take their lace thongs off and play bass.

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