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Thread: Musicman Stingray Bass Fret Wires Replacement ------ Fret Size?

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    Question Musicman Stingray Bass Fret Wires Replacement ------ Fret Size?

    I'm going to replace the fret wires of my Stingray 4 (not a classic) made in 2013.
    But I cannot find the right gauge in Jescars or Dunlop fret wires. The fret wires on my Stingray is 2.70mm wide and about(due to the worn, cannot measure the accurate height) 1.3mm tall.
    Jescar 51100 is 2.54 wide and 1.30 tall ------ Jescar Fret Wires Chart
    Dunlop 6100 is 2.79 wide and 1.40 tall ------ Dunlop Fret Wires Chart
    Dunlop 6110 is 2.92 wide and 1.27 tall
    StewMac Wide/Pyramid is 2.79 and 1.32 ------ StewMac Wide Fretwire
    I don't know which one is the most suitable for my Stingray. And I don't want to reduce a lot of crowns on the fret wires or cut the slots of the nut. I know that Jescar may be the best in quality and I love Jescar, but 2.54mm? That would reveal the marks of the old fret wires...

    I emailed the Musicman Customers Service but haven't received any reply yet. Having searched in the forum but found no result.

    What's more, there are some cheap Korean brands (made in China actually) that happen to be 2.70 wide and 1.30 tall, and there are both nickel and stainless steel. But the price is so cheap (3 dollars for a suit) that I am worried about the quality...
    (what would happen if I use SS frets on an old Stingray? I know that the new special series has SS frets and they sound OK to me. So SS frets are suitable for my Stingray 2013?)

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    I don't have the answer to your question, but I think Stainless steel would be an upgrade since they would be very resistant to wear like nickel. But it does change your tone.
    Sorry I don't have much an answer

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    thanks, SS is my first choice now
    PUMP, anyone know the fret size?
    still haven't received any response from the Customers Service email

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    Why don't you just call them. I've called customer support and been directed to someone in the bass department within minutes every time I called.

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    Musicman Stingray Bass Fret Wires Replacement ------ Fret Size?-n_nak54wihow-i1t0-ffc5a-png

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    So, according to the e-mail from MM Customers Service:

    The fret wire size of a Musicman Stingray (Not Classic, Not Special) is Jescar 47104
    Width: 0.104"(2.64mm) Height: 0.047"(1.19mm)

    I think my vernier caliper is not accurate enough... or the measuring method got wrong.
    I wrongly thought that the frets were 1.3mm tall and were worn to 1.2... Now I know that the original fret wires are Jescar and they are 1.2mm tall. They are pretty durable. Musicman yes!

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    Whether or not my Stingray needs a refretting, I hope this thread can help those who want to do that job.
    Thank you guys!

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