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Thread: Bongo Colors

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    Bongo Colors

    Does anyone have any idea when EBMM might be coming out with new colors for the Bongos? I have a Stealth Black 6. It's amazing, and I want to get another 6. The fuschia and aqua sparkle colors are... not what I'm looking for.

    Stingray 5 H PDN Starry Night
    Stingray 5 H Arctic Dream
    Stingray 5 H BFR Fretless Vintage Sierra Burst
    Stingray 5 HH BFR Giants Orange Quilt
    Bongo 5 HH Wild Cherry Burst
    Bongo 5 HH Color Shift Flame Maple Fretboard
    Bongo 6 HH Stealth Black

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    I'd look on Reverb or a similar site. The 6 String Green BFR is a great color.

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    Kinda want a shell pink bongo but I do enjoy the scarcity of colors. Makes the ones that AR different feel exclusive.

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