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Thread: OLP Stingray Bass

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    OLP Stingray Bass

    Hi all,

    I have a friends OLP Stingray on the bench for some electronics diagnosis.
    Single HB, 2 volumes, 1 tone. (passive)
    The complaint is that the tone control does nothing until ~ 90% roll off.

    I looked under the hood, and found the ground wire off the 2nd volume pot, and a 104 cap on the tone control. Both volumes work fine, but the tone control doesn't affect the tone on either coil until you reach the end of travel and then it just rolls the highs off.

    I couldn't find any info on the OLP version. Any help or suggestions are welcome.

    Thx !

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    For a schematic that may help:


    The tone capacitor is .05
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    Thanks! If I recall, the current pots are 500k, so maybe they were changed at some point.
    Also the diagram shows one 4 wire cable from the pup, and this has 2 - 2 conductor but I'm sure the function is the same. Perhaps the OLP used a different version of the pup.

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    Maybe it has been messed with. I remember seeing threads on another Bass Forum discussing mods for the OLP the same as yours.

    The schematic I referred you to is a Seymour Duncan "Bass Lines" product.

    Their Music Man pickup wiring colour code may also help:


    If you scroll down to the bottom they have the wiring lead out combo for the normal Music Man parallel coil pickup.

    I can't recall Ernie Ball using a passive Vol Vol Tone for their instruments but Customer Service may be able to help aswell..

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