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Thread: 1995 Stingray 5 tone HELP

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    1995 Stingray 5 tone HELP

    Hello! I have been searching the tone like the bass in this video Music Man Stingray 5 (1996) - YouTube

    Now, I just found 1995 SR5 hoping that it would have the same sound, pickup and preamp, being from the same time, but mine sounds alot less zingy, clear, open, Stingray tone that they are famous for.

    I uploaded a Bass by Mistah Benn | Free Listening on SoundCloud of my bass di no eq or fx, flat.. Strings are newish... bass is setup ok, I would love to achieve that tone in the video.

    Many thanks
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    You do realize that on the video you posted, there is a TON of string and fret noise being picked up by the tiny condenser mic on whatever recorded it, right? That's not what a stingray really sounds like through an amp.

    Is the battery in your bass new? You won't get optimal sound without a good battery, and the proper string height.

    Also try changing the location where you play/pick the strings. That has a huge impact on the tone you get.
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