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Thread: Can't change the bongo batteries!

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    Can't change the bongo batteries!

    Hi All,
    I have a strange problem which is I can't get the battery out of the compartment in my MM bongo ..seems like no way out for the battery and even opening the compartment was not smooth. Please advise on how to do it...thanks

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    Can you post/send a video. I think I ran into the same issue. If it's easier to send my IG is @marcmurder

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    Is this the first time you ran into a problem? I just got my Bongo last week. I changed the them. Just seemed like different compartment with a clip and a hinge.

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    There is an extra flip you need to do with the battery box after it pops open. Be careful not to flip the polarities. It used to be possible. Not sure about it now.

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