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Thread: Is fret buzz an usual thing for Stingray basses?

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    Is fret buzz an usual thing for Stingray basses?

    Hello everyone,
    2 years ago, I bought my very first EBMM instrument which is a Stingray 5 special. I've never played on a Stingray before, I was (and still is) playing mostly on a jazz style bass.
    I've played on different brands (Warwick corvette, Fender jazz, Sandberg California), but this stingray is the first bass I face this "problem" with: No matter what I do, the notes tend to buzz when fretted on the sustain.
    I generally set my instrument myself after giving them to pro for years. I've learned to set them myself by now. So yes the neck bow is ok, string height is not even low, more like medium/high but no matter what I do with this bass, the strings produce a buzz sound when I let the notes ring, ESPECIALLY on the B string that I have to raise way more than normal otherwise it's almost unusable.

    I decided few months ago to give this bass to a guitar tech who told me that a fret leveling could be useful and that he would set the instrument himself to check the problem.
    The instrument came back with frets perfectly leveled, but even with the paid setup, this "problem" was still there.
    I'm really disappointed because this is the only bass I own/owned) that tend to produce that much buzz when I let ring a note.
    Is that a common thing from Stingray basses? Is there anything that can explain this?
    Any help would be welcomed

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    I've not experienced this with any MM bass I've owned or played. I would contact customer service. :-)

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    Try new strings.
    Tighten the trussrod a bit, in case that is rattling.
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    I’ve had a couple that have taken more fiddling to set up than others but a buzz free set up is standard practice.
    I’d be inclined to get a second opinion before doing anything rash

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    What do you have the action set at? How much relief? Notes ringing while sustained can be affected by finger placement and how you pick/pluck/etc the string.
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    I set my five Sting Rays with a straight neck, a string height just a tad under 3/32" at the 12 fret and Super Slinkys. Most times use a pick. Never had a problem.
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