Hello all, hope you're all well.

Many forums and topics always mention,
How the USA 2 Band eq pre-amp that is used in the Stingray classic, regular 2eq use stingray and USA Sub bass is exactly the same in terms of sound.

With all 3 basses using the same Alnico pickup? im sure..

I've listened to many D.I. samples of each bass. Here what I've noticed...it just can't be a difference in wood or finish.

*The 2004-2006 USA Sub bass sounds the most aggressive, in the upper mids, thin sounding treble and low end boomy bass boost. Clanky like the 3eq stingray but without the refinement.

*The regular 2eq bass from the early 2000's is warm sounding, refined, beautiful growly treble, bass boost is more even across the lower frequency without becoming boomy.

*The stingray classic seems to sound the same as the regular 2eq bass with more forward mids and less glassy treble.

I'd love you know all your opinions on the matter!