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Thread: Bongo 6 Bass Neck Won't Adjust

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    Bongo 6 Bass Neck Won't Adjust


    I have a Bongo 6 HS. In "Deep Purple". Love the bass - but that wheel won't turn. Thus I have too much forward bow.

    What makes it more difficult is that the size of the wheel is smaller than the one used on my 5 strings. That makes the hole in it smaller and I can't use as strong a tool.

    I am using the strings that came with it. I am looking for strings with less tension.

    Is there a fix for the neck issue?


    - Ziggy -

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    Hmm, the wheel is smaller? I was pretty sure that they used the same size wheel on all of their basses.

    Anyway, graphite is your friend. I had this same issue when I got a new stingray 5 bass. The wheel would not turn. I even broke a screwdriver off in it. So, instead of tightening it, I loosened it, and put graphite on both sides of the nylon washer that is between the nut and the neck.

    After that adjustments were smooth sailing. You can also loosen the strings a bit to make it easier for the wheel to work.
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    And don’t try doing adjustment at full tension. Back off all the tuners about 2 or 3 turns. I realize this is a bit more tedious than adjusting while in normal tuning, but you get used to it and then the job goes faster.

    On some basses I put a fender washer between the OEM teflon washer and the neck wood. It makes things smoother.
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