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Thread: Need help desperately

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    Need help desperately

    Hello, I'm a real old school Stingray player just joined here seeking for desperate help.
    My Stingray which I bought new back in 1979 was stolen and finally found bu the police. However the bass had all the hardwares taken away bu the frets, and body was stripped to bare Ash and no bridges nor anything on it. Completely heart broken but the neck was found before the clear coat had stripped and the frets are still on. But tuners are not there and couldn't babe found in the thief's parts bin, dammit.

    I would like to have my bass playable and needs everything from three bolts, back plate to attach the neck on body, bridge, circuit and everything except the frets. I can paint, clear coat and do the work by myself but needs all the parts to bring the bass in former glory. Any advise for the parts suppliers and their info will be highly appreciated. I bought the bass back in ther late '70s when there was a store called Hollywood Music Store on Fairfax near Melrose, in Los Angeles, CA. Leo Fender was there to sign his signature and I had it on my genuine MM hard case. But the hard case wasn't found.

    You guys are my hope. Thanks.

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    Oh man that sucks. Got any pictures of the current state of the bass? Were they able to get any information from the people who stole it? I guess they were stripping the paint so they could make it look like another bass? Seems like they were specifically set up to steal and part out guitars.
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    You can get the tuners, battery plate, knobs, screws here:
    Shop Ernie Ball Music Man - Original Clover Bass Tuning Keys for B, E, A or D Strings
    But the rest could be become difficult.
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    Email Ernie Ball Music Man Customer Service:

    [email protected]

    I’m fairly sure they can help with parts. They may either supply you direct or advise how to obtain the following parts which should be suitable for a Pre-EB.

    *E, A, D & G Tuners & screws for regular SR4 or “Classic” series SR4.

    *String Retainer & screw.

    *Control Plate & screws for regular SR4 or “Classic” series SR4.

    .* Volume, Treble & Bass Potentiometer controls for “Old Smoothie” series SR4 (same physical size & values as Pre-EB).

    * Control Knobs for “Old Smoothie” series SR4.

    *Output Jack.

    * Rear body Ferrells for strings-through-body for “Old Smoothie” series SR4.

    * Metal Battery Plate & screws.

    You can’t get a preamp from Ernie Ball unless you return the MM preamp you're at the same time. But there is a Black epoxy preamp here (down page on right):

    Music Man Stingray Bass Parts Archives |

    I have no affiliation. It’s expensive. If you can afford it I’d make that the number 1 priority before it goes. This type was used in 1978 and extended into early 1979 for some Basses. It would be suitable for your Bass.

    Even though you bought your Bass in 1979, was the serial on the neck plate or bridge? Make sure you select the correct bridge. The same place above has 1976 to 1978 style bridges. These are for Basses with the serial on the neck plate (not on the bridge). In late 1978 the serial moved from the neck plate to the bridge. The spacing of the string-through holes also changed at the same time. They may have some of these latter style bridges also.

    PS. Just noticed they have a neck plate and bolts on page 2.

    If there’s no side bolts for any Pre-EB bridge you buy, they m ay be available through Customer Service also.
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    Seeing those prices, I can see why they parted it out. This also means that keeping an eye out for parts on the market is a good idea.

    This wasn't a random theft. Someone knew what you had and what you could get for it, as well as the best way to get the most money for it.
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    Thank you everybody, I feel your love, man! Is it possible to upload a photo? Oh sure, I can show you the present status of the bass. The neck is with clear finish with chips but with the original thin (not jumbo, I mean) frets which was replaced with the original type frets but tuners are not with the neck. Police took the parts bin and maybe those are in there but the damn thing is that they are all mixed up and the police is not allowing us to look in.
    Body is no finish bare White Ash. No neck plate nor bolts (or say the tapping screws) and those could be found in the big carton parts bin. I don't think the police would let us check what's in it, and so I decided to go look for the parts in need of complete the bass to the playable state. I think the present model bridge looks the same.

    Thank you for telling me those sources. Hey man, big thanks and appreciation who reacted on my entry. I'm such an old school and wondering who would react? But oh man, you guys are fantastic, you shook my heart and soul full with gratitude. Sorry, I'm no English native but I spend many years in England. Stingray has been my main bass for a long time. It's been the most reliable workhorse for many years until it was stolen. Oh man, it broke my heart! But I went to the police and reported its serial number and all the information regarding to the bass. Clear finished White Ash body with White pick guard (this is missing as well but I found it on eBay and even on Amazon! but if I can buy from Ernie Ball, I'll do that) just like Louis Johnson was playing. The MusicMan amp and the old Acoustic bass amp are gone and it seems like those were already sold to someone. Bummer!
    Police could find out the bass is mine, 'cause the thieves had a detailed record of the instruments they had. They had the Polaroid of my bass and there was a memo of where they had it. Those info lead the Police to me, and so I was lucky. Also I remember the date stamp on the neck where the neck meets body, and I had that pic with me.

    If someone can tell me how to upload pics, I would love to show them to you. I'm a self taught luthier and do auto paint as well. All the furniture in the house are all repaired or refinished by myself and so I can handle the refinishing it with nitrocellulose clear coat. The damn thing is that when I bought the bass back in 1979, it came with a single ply classic Fender like pick guard. And that was on the bass when it was stolen. The older three ply one was gone somewhere but I really liked the unique look with the single ply one, and so I've been using it for long. Maybe I will make one by myself. I know a suitable white plastic sheet with suitable thickness is available at the local model shop.

    Anyway, thank you everybody for al the warm messages and comments. I feel like I'm saved again! Love you guys!

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    Kenn, I'm guessing you don't have a remote photo host website?

    If not, can host the pics for you and link them to this thread. Let me know.

    PS. A Sterling Sting Ray would not have the parts you need for a Pre-EB Bass. Also ask authorities if you can have your parts back when matters are eventually finalised.
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    Just my 2 cents here. You're the original owner of a very cool bass. I'm very sorry you had to go through this.

    Hit up EBMM customer service, tell them the entire story and let them know you're trying to restore the bass.

    Maybe/maybe not they will take the bass in to the shop and rebuild for you....this would be one of those great PR stories for them and maybe they would be interested.

    I'm sure there would be a fee, but getting it restored at the factory might be pretty damn cool.

    If there is a fee, maybe as a group we could do a gofund me project and donate 10 or 20 bucks each and help him out.


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    If the police have some of the parts, I would definitely get in contact with them to find when you can have them back. I know it'll suck in terms of waiting, but there's no reason to go through so much trouble for some parts if they still have them. They also may be able to track down some.

    I would forward the page with the parts listing to them, and explain that most likely due to value it qualifies as grand theft / larceny.
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    Unfortunately, finding a DA who will actually prosecute a crime right now is pretty hard.

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