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Thread: Vintage Musicman Stingray & Sabre Necks

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    Vintage Musicman Stingray & Sabre Necks

    Not sure if inappropriate to post questions here related to pre-EB basses, but does anyone know if on the 79 models the two necks were interchangeable? I found a Sabre that has a Stingray neck. Into apprears to also be from the same era. I imagine that the original Sabre neck might have had a truss rod issue or something. I heard from another person mentioning that back in that time that it was common to swap out those necks for warranty replacement which sounds a bit odd. Not sure too many folks would have gone for such a modification to their instruments.


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    I believe the necks are interchangeable. I've seen it a few times and also read discussions about it.

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