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Thread: Question Dull D String

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    Question Dull D String

    I have a 1991 4 string Black Stingray Bass. What ever strings that I put on the bass, all the strings sound great and resonate well acoustically except the D string. Why would this happen. What could I try. It is not an electronic problem. It sounds like this acousticlly and when it is plugged in it is just amplified.

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    Check to make sure both "feet" of the saddle are contacting the bridge plate. Sometimes the saddles can get "stuck" between two others, and lose contact. Check the nut as well.

    Does this happen up and down the fretboard, or only in specific places?
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    This happens to the whole d string. If you pluck it without holding down a finger on the fret and same if I put my finger on the fret. So it does not seem like a dead spot. but more like the D string as a whole is dull. no matter what strings I use. I will try make sure about the feet. What on the nut could be off?

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    Check that the string has good contact over the nut. Push the string down on both sides. Do the same with the string saddle at the other end.

    Perhaps lower the G string side of the pickup. The D string magnet may be too close to the string and restricting its vibration. Although G string is ok, the G string magnet sits lower on the pickup than the D magnet.
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    A bit of pencil lead/graphite in the nut slots is never a bad thing

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    Thanks everyone. I have tried all the above. Sadly, the d is still dull
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    Email Customer Service for advice:


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    Thank you, I just email customer Service

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