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Thread: My New Sabre Bass

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    My New Sabre Bass

    This week I took delivery of what may have been one of the last new Sabres in the country. To say the least, I’m extremely happy an feel very fortunate to have found it after only about 5 weeks searching for one. It was listed as color Trans-Blonde which makes sense. When I ran the serial number though, it shows it as “Starry Night” which is baffling seeing that dark finish on another guitar.
    Do they sometimes get the colors mixed up in the serial database?
    Here’s a few iPhone snaps of my new bass.

    JayTMy New Sabre Bass-943cd278-9203-43f6-a8be-cd1fd17be942-jpgMy New Sabre Bass-8b347571-b670-446d-9dfb-baeb12b3fc4b-jpgMy New Sabre Bass-27ec8cc2-7f61-44c2-84dc-3667f0a22c96-jpg

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    Looks like Trans-White to me. You can contact EB directly to check the serial number again. Looks great.
    1979 StingRay natural maple

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    Looks like Trans-White to me...
    Yup. "Trans White".

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    Very nice looking. Definitely not Starry Night

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    Beautiful! Congrats on a tone monster!

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