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Thread: Stingray Special - Bad hum in Series mode

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    Stingray Special - Bad hum in Series mode

    Hi folks,

    I recently bought a new Stingray Special 5H, but seem to have lucked out, as it has a bad earthing problem. When in either of the Series modes, if you touch a pole-piece, there is a really loud hum. (Itís worse in the centre/filter position.) The store got their tech to check the pre-amp and reckoned they ďfixed somethingĒ, but I got it home and itís just the same. Yes, Iíve tested it on various power outlets and the problem always occurs, but does vary slightly in volume.

    Anyway, Iím pushing the store to get me a replacement pre-amp from the distributor, but I thought Iíd ask if anyone has experienced this before.



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    Most likely you'll have to send it back to the distributor for repair or replacement. That type of problem would probably be a ground problem, or a problem with the attachments to the selector switch. It could even be a bad wire from the pickup. I don't think the distributor would be able to get you a replacement preamp, as there is no guarantee that would actually fix the problem.
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