I'm playing the MM Ivory White 34 HH Sterling with maple neck and I'm experiencing a rather curious problem! Whenever I'm fretting notes on the EAD strings, my pinky-finger is touching the G-string so when I move my fretting hand, it is creating this unwanted hammering-off.

Initially, I put it down to technique and having small hands but the weird thing is that I don't experience the same problem on my P, J, or Hofner basses. It is a particular problem with this bass alone. (A shame because I love playing this bass!)

Any ideas what could be causing this?

1) String height? Low action?
2) Fretboard radius? Is it not large/flat enough?
3) Angle of the neck in relation to the body? (Do I need to adjust the angle of my fretting hand?)

Can anyone help? Has anyone had the same problem or know of someone who has?

I can't identify it - but the fretboard doesn't feel 'flat' enough...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!