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Thread: Musicman stingray 5 G string high

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    Musicman stingray 5 G string high

    Hey folks.
    I'm currently using a musicman stingray 5 and I love it but I can't get the G string (&#128514 low enough (😂😂&#128514

    No matter what I try it still seems that bit too high.
    I've adjusted saddles and truss rod.
    I haven't gone near the nut yet or shimmed the bass. Maybe I should??

    All help greatly appreciated


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    Hi Del
    The best way (imho) would be to shim the neck.
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    The neck needs a shim, that should take care of the issue. Several of my Music Man's have them, it's no big deal to put them in.

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    What do ye all recommend for a shim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delamitri79 View Post
    What do ye all recommend for a shim
    You can buy the shims here:

    Shop Ernie Ball Music Man - Neck Pocket Shims - 3 pack

    or make one out of cardboard yourself.
    1979 StingRay natural maple

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