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Thread: Reflex Bass Question

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    Reflex Bass Question

    I have a White with a cream binding Reflex bass. It has 1 H. I love the passive setting w/parallel. Here is the weird thing, When passive setting w/parallel, the passive tone control does not work but the hi,low mid, treble & bass controls work (while in passive). I can tell there is a difference between Active and passive. The passive tone control works with the series. I this normal for the Reflex bass?

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    By the way this is Great!

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    Reflex Bass Question-musicman-reflex-jpg
    Hi Tim, welcome to the club. Are you sure you're not in active mode? In passive mode (Parallel or Series ) only the (passive) tone control should work. The two active EQ controls on the other hand are working only when the push button is in active mode (see lay out). Good luck

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    Yes I even brought it to my local shop guy and he said the same as I said above. Its weird, but a good thing.

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