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Thread: Sterling SUB 4 2005: Saddle adjustment grub screws

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    Sterling SUB 4 2005: Saddle adjustment grub screws

    Hello - I'm UK based.

    Would anyone know the correct sized screws for these? I've ordered two sets now both of which don't fit:

    (M3, 100mm) the thread was too fine

    (4-40, 3/8ths) too slim

    I've since learned the difference between UNC and UNF, and I believe I require UNC.

    I've tried asking string and things and a few others and had no reply.
    I looked at ordering a set of new saddles from from EB but they're exclusive to US.

    Please help!

    Thank you, Martin.

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    In all honesty I’m not sure as I would of said the same as a full fat SR of that year. But if you are in the UK I’ve had better luck dealing with PMT rather than strings an things go through them. I know for a fact replacement grub screws and saddled are available to the UK market as have ordered in the past. But I’m sure someone on here will be able to give you the exact dimensions to source parts elsewhere.
    Hope you get it sorted

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    Thanks. I understand the parts of these are meant to be the same, would you know the dimensions of the screws for a full fat vers?

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    Ernie Ball Customer Service will be able to advise on the correct saddle adjustment screws needed.


    [email protected]

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    I found the screws so I'll follow this up in case anyone else struggles like I did:

    6-32 7/16" UNC

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