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Thread: Stingray Classic Color Combinations

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    Stingray Classic Color Combinations


    Does any one have a list of Stingray Classic color combinations by year? I have a newly acquired 2010 Gold Classic and it has a white p/u cover. Just curious if this was stock for this color.

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    I second that question

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    Stingray Classic Color Combinations-07d2a1d2-4ae8-4d56-ad64-e88cea8a08c0-jpg
    1979 StingRay natural maple

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    Stingray Classic Color Combinations-07d2a1d2-4ae8-4d56-ad64-e88cea8a08c0-jpg
    Thank you.

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    It looks like el dorado gold was introduced at Winter NAMM 2011 - new colours were introduced and existing ones dropped every year or so for the first few years of production of Stingray Classics (model first announced at Bass Player Live 2009, and at winter NAMM Jan 2010 - available to order after NAMM). During the early years of production, you could select from flamed/birds eye maple for the neck, black or white pg and, IIRC black or white pu cover also as part of the build code. They were available in the PDN limited edition offerings some years (eg Neptune blue in 2014), as well as a number of special runs for Guitar Centre.

    New Color Teaser!

    Of those colours listed, classic natural, classic candy, retroburst, el dorado gold, Lake Tahoe blue were available on the Stingray Classic I think - the tangerine pearl, sky blue and trans walnut were not.

    I don’t recall seeing any
    bass in trans walnut!

    If your bass was built in 2010 it will be very early production in that colour, possibly even one of the basses for initial publicity/ NAMM. You can check the date of birth in the serial number checker (you may find it only gives the build code and not the colour - EBMM can decipher the build code if you email them - my coral red Classic Ray comes up like this, whereas for my other EBMM basses it states the colour).

    Serial Number Search Tool
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    Awesome and thank you. I looked up the serial number a while back. It does not show the color but I can call EBMM tomorrow to get a build code decipher.
    Serial # B052779
    Manufactured December 1st, 2010
    Build Code 120-ED-42-W2-CS-C1
    Model Classic StingRay 2 EQ
    Hardware Chrome Hardware

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    You need to email customer services ( @Rod Trussbroken has given a link in the thread near this obne on 1990 SR5).

    Back to the original Classic Ray spec, I remember now the pg and pu covers were in set colours dependent on the body colour, but you could buy separately the other pg and pu colour if you wanted to change them after delivery.

    I missed saying that in the early days of the Stingray Classic you could choose between maple and rosewood board as well.

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