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    Neck Through

    Did Ernie Ball stop making Music Man Neck Through basses? I can't find any new ones for sale anywhere this year. Don't know that I'm ready to pull the trigger, but I like to dream in reality...

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    Discontinued. E-bay or Reverb or your local craigslist if you are lucky

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    OUCH!!! I was almost there... Was really looking forward to that sustain! Looked on reverb and ebay, only saw a single 5...

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    They sound like pianos in a way. They don't have that initial-attack gut punch you get from bolt-on basses. They sound very smooth, very even, a bit dynamically-compressed except up in the treble region. In a way, they sound almost a bit too polite. They tend to recede back into the mix (assuming sane tone settings -- see my posts in the "preamp too powerful" thread). In that sense, they can be a sound tech's or producer's dream because they need little in the way of clamping down with compression to limit any initial string attack.

    A guy who used to run sound for a band I played in told me it was his favorite bass; it needed almost no "struggling with" at his end. Again, see my posts in that other thread, because there's a major caveat there re. tone settings.

    Don't worry, you'll find a used one sooner or later. People will be selling them for money for gasoline, food, and rent.

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