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    Bongo Bliss

    Played one of our cities best venues last night, started the night out with I dare say a short scale bass since it was a 3 1/2 hour gig. You know give my old shoulder a break, tough acoustical room and stage. ( mush ). Grabbed the mighty Bongo and wow! Actually had to turn down so thick and punchy the rest of the night was bass heaven. Thank you Sterling for creating such a superb instrument!
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    I was working on our new album earlier in the week and the engineer there really gets what the Bongo is all about. I let him choose the amp and mics in a room I couldn't see. It's his stuff and he knows best how to get a good bass sound - and he did, he did. I was playing in the control room. He hit playback and BOOM, what a tone!

    I said, "Man, what amp is that?" He said, "A late 1970s Acoustic head and cabinet."

    Whatever works, right?

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    I recently did some recording with my Bongo 4H. In short it’s a beast ! (but we know this anyway). We recorded five tracks, on one of them I use a heavily modified 8string bass (custom pups, pre etc) Bongo leaves it standing, only got rough mix downs but yeah, very distinctive sound to say the least.

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    Hello fellow Ballers.
    Haven't been around in a while.
    Hope all is well with you guys.
    Here's one of mine that I've been using lately.

    Bongo Bliss-bongo-jpg
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    I just got a 4hh. It's an impressive bass to say the least!

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