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Thread: Stingray fake sold as Original

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    Stingray fake sold as Original

    I came across the other day an at on offerup a pawn shop that sold a left handed stingray. 1000 dollar got me interested so I went to check it out it has the original head decals front and back but the hardware is clearly some olp product. I ask in another forum and they also saw it's a fake. I am now annoyed that someone that don't know might buy it as a Musicman stingray for 1000 dollar and later find out that he got tricked.
    Pawn shop is in south central ,LA , western/exposition
    I send the guy that I had contact with all the info that it is fake but he still try to sell it.

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    These MIC fake instruments are a pet peeve of mine.
    The former owner of the shop where I used to teach guitar lessons got tricked by someone who sold the shop a Les Paul Custom that turned out to be fake. People say we should support mom n pop, brick and mortar guitar shops, and then someone rips one off like this. These small shops cannot take a hit like that.
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    Pawn shops are shady AF. And it's gotten so much worse since they found the internet. I wouldn't expect your average pawn shop operator to care if he's ripping someone off. Hooray, earthlings.

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