So I got my 84 Sabre with all pre-Ernie ball electronics now cause someone basically took all the original stuff out, it has an 83 pre-amp, and two 1979 pickups! It sounds amazingly good, one of the best sounding basses Iíve heard if not the best!

So the bridge pickup before I replaced it turned out to be a Kent Armstrong custom, and the neck pickup, may actually be the 1984 bridge pickup, taken out from the bridge and put into the neck lol.

I have a picture of it here, and Iím wondering if anyone who owns a sabre from the early 80s can confirm this, info on what these look like is pretty rare, the pickups are different from the stingrays and I imagine theyíd go through subtle changes.

The thing that makes me think itís the original is the two holes between the 2&3 and the 6&7th poles but the thing that looks off is the metal rings around the holes to the right of the pickup, but Iím not sure if thatís a first year 1984 thing or not

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