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Thread: Shipping box question

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    Shipping box question

    It's time for my Sterling HH to move to a new home and free up some funds for a new purchase. A while back, I sent my bass to EBMM to fix something I did; not a big deal but I wanted it done right. They shipped it back in a box that perfectly fits the EBMM case. No room for movement or additional padding. I'm planning to use this box, but I'm a little leery of shipping the Sterling in a box w/no padding. However, I'm thinking that if the guys at San Luis Obispo thought it would be fine, I should too. Any thoughts?
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    I was pretty shocked when I received my recent Bongo that it was shipped from Germany to the UK in nothing more than a cardboard box around its hardcase with a bit of foam taped around the headstock.
    It was still pretty much in tune let alone damaged when I opened it up.
    That was a new one.
    I also brought a stingray back from America, used, no cardboard box. Also still in tune when inspected the other end.

    Apparently you should slacken the strings off before shipping but no personal experience with this

    I also had a bass shipped UK to Uk and the seller bonded the case in wooded braces, and expansion foam and foam rubber. Needed dynamite to get to the case underneath and two people to lift it of the van lol ��
    (He possibly slackened the strings off before shipping. Sure hadn’t ever played it. Fury frets and corroded battery’s with corroded battery box thrown in for free)
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    I have shipped many this way with the case fitting in the box. I usually pay for insurance also. Never had a problem.

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    I have ordered several new basses from EBMM over the years, and every one arrived that way. In the hard case, in a shipping box, no additional padding. I have sold and shipped basses the same way, with no issues. If the bass fits snugly in the hard case, you're good. If it moves around, I'd put some extra padding inside the case.

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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'm feeling more confident using this box.
    2000 Sterling Trans Teal/Maple
    2004 Bongo 4HH/Black
    2006 Sterling HH Trans Teal/RW
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    Agreed, many of the instruments i've received were packed that way -- just a close-fitting box around the hard case, no additional padding. They all arrived fine.

    Also, a few of my basses have gone to and from gigs by airplane (including that Dargie in my avatar), in just their hard cases with no outside box.
    Again, they arrived fine, though i feel i was pushing my luck there (more for the possibility of theft than from handling damage).
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